• IPM Facilities

Temporary Sales Area Creation

We were asked by our client if we could help them with their temporary sales area while the new flats were going up. We received a drawing from the architect of how they wanted it to look, with Fraser, one of our Operations Managers drawing of an alternative option that would work better as the original didn’t stand out enough. Not only did the client accept the proposal but it also saved them £1k from the original design.


The issue we had was it was down in Taunton and it had to be completed on the first week back in the new year as it was opening on that Friday. This proved difficult with getting materials to the site on the day at times we needed. In the end, we sent a team of four down to the site for the day to see in the materials when they arrived.


The team managed to get it all completed which involved the planting, mulching, and stone around the building. It also included installing trees and planters for the client. The works finally finished at 5.30 pm before they all headed back home to Farnborough and Reading. The dedication from the team was brilliant and the spirit showed never faded throughout the day.