Our values start at the top, and percolate down through the layers of business and become the heart and soul of the company’s culture.


At IPM Facilities, our values are the foundation of everything we do. From how we work with our customers, to the way we treat our people……always with respect. Staying true to our values means more than doing our best for our customers, it ensures that services meet their requirements at all times.

We adopt the best environmental practices wherever possible and we'll always go the extra mile to reduce costs, improve results and look after the environment. We meet and exceed our customers' needs and expectations by focusing on four cornerstones:

Our business is all about building strong relationships based on trust. So we speak honestly, act respectfully and communicate clearly among ourselves and with customers.

Doing more for our customers means thinking creatively and harnessing the latest innovations. We embrace change and when change happens, we'll adapt to meet those changes.

We empower everyone to explore new ways of improving our services. Our people take responsibility for their decisions, making sure their actions are in your best interests.

Meeting our customer’s expectations isn't enough, we want and aim to exceed them. Whatever the services we provide, we strive to set standards that others can only try to follow.