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Environmentally Sensitive Site

Case Study


Meadows Keep is a Greenbelt Greenspace site that is unique in ensuring that all levels of the environment and habitats are safely preserved. IPM Facilities works very closely with Greenbelt Greenspace to make sure we maintain the landscape to the seasonal specifications required on the Ecology plan.

The site consists of 3 flood attenuation basins located within the western, eastern and southern areas of the site. Two of which have ditches running through them.

The following protected species information is provided: 

•    There is potential for nesting bird species in rougher grasslands, hedges and watercourses. 
•    Bats may forage over the habitat. Trees have not been assessed for bat potential;.
•    There is potential for reptiles to be present in wetland habitats and rough grassland habitats.

Maintenance Specification via Ecological plan.

a)    Amenity grass managed as amenity grass.
b)    Grass in SUDS basins and on the SUDS slopes – two cuts per annum – September & Spring
c)    An uncut 1.5m or so buffer between structure belt woodland and the site. This to be managed occasionally to tackle bramble and/or woody growth.
d)    Ditch/watercourse/low-flow channels in SUDS – other than removal of self-set willow etc. only maintain when necessary and a maximum in any one year, of one bank and only 1/3 of total habitat.

Seasonally these areas create different challenges for the maintenance team. During the summer seasons, the team will continually cut the amenity grass areas and control weed growth. Any hedges are cut within the fortnightly visit.

The challenge is to continually keep the 1.5m buffer areas consistent within the woodland belt and the banks within the basins. in some cases, this does not leave much of a gap to create pathways for residents.

Within the period of September and Spring, we will begin to carry out the basin works. We will only remove vegetation on one bank to allow all habitats to relocate safely.

Northern SUDS Waterbodies 

This area includes two ponds and a watercourse. One of the ponds has been lined to retain permanent water, and the other provides attenuated flood relief capacity. The features are along a minor watercourse that is present on the northern boundary of the site This watercourse is lined by a mature hedgerow with some mature Oaks and other trees.


Quarterly Reports

At the end of each quarter, we will upload a report to our client portal. The information highlighted will be as below.

•    Health and safety issues 
•    Landscape and Cleaning standards 
•    Site recommendations  

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